Hey friends

Cameron here at Chasewild. 
Over the past ten years, Chasewild has grown into a leading wedding photography company based in New Zealand. We've always loved to educate photographers and see their photography and business dreams become real. 

Chasewild Class is the next evolution of this and we are excited to have you a part of our community.  

I believe that photography education can be better, and I’m excited to make that happen.


There is a lot of information on the internet that claims it will improve your photography practice, but discerning what’s quality advice and what’s not is tricky. 

The Chasewild Class philosophy is to offer straightforward, no-bullshit education from photographers who have been there and done that. I have packaged up the lessons I have learnt over many years, many countries, and many editing sessions to present in an easy-to-follow, engaging format.

I have seen students improve their photography skills and grow wildly successful businesses. Most importantly, I have seen talented photographers gain the confidence they need to get out and shoot beautiful images.

As well as online courses, Chasewild Class offers downloadable tools, presets, and guides for photographers. For more about Chasewild, see our portfolio at www.chasewild.com.